Swiftwater/River Rescue for the Professional is designed for guides and others who spend many days on the water each year.  As a professional river user, this course assumes you have a basic understanding of rescue techniques and principles as well as a solid river running skills. We utilize field instruction and multiple scenarios and to further your knowledge and skills. In addition to learning new skills, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your individual and team skills in an assessment. After obtaining your river rescue for the professional you can do continuing education to maintain and increase your knowledge each year rather than going 3 years without anything followed by a full course.


River Rescue for the Professional is a fast-paced swiftwater rescue course designed specifically for river users who will be on scene during the crucial first minutes of a rescue. The course focuses on techniques that can be implemented alone or with small teams and limited equipment. You can expect:

  • Multiple varied rescue scenarios
  • Night rescue scenario
  • Learn new skills to improve your response to rescues
  • Deepen your knowledge of rescue systems and personal rope skills
  • Understand how to better integrate other river users and rescuers who may arrive on scene
  • Skills testing for your knowledge of where you stand
  • Network with other professional river users
  • Obtain a copy of the most comprehensive and current River Rescue workbook



Jackson, Wyoming